Creativity and Storytelling in UX: Volume 1

Oct 23, 2023

Creativity and storytelling are potent tools that empower UX designers on their journey to success.

Creativity and Storytelling in UX: Volume 1

Creativity and Storytelling

Creativity and storytelling are potent tools that empower UX designers on their journey to success. When harnessed effectively, these skills can work wonders in complementing general UX expertise. In this article, we'll delve into a method that utilizes these two essential skills to enhance the learning experience.

In my journey through numerous projects, I've come to realize that "It’s Working, It's Superpower" when I combine creativity and storytelling with my general UX skills. Today, I want to share a valuable technique that I've incorporated into my teaching to inspire students and cultivate their creativity and storytelling abilities.

Pitching Time

During my lessons, I introduced an optional task I like to call "Pitching Time." I provide my students with a list of 6-7 intriguing topics, and they have the choice to select one and dedicate 5-10 minutes of their class time to pitch it to their peers. Though this task initially started as an experiment, its effectiveness has prompted me to incorporate it into every course I teach. The results have been astonishing, with students discovering new skills that go beyond UX design.

One compelling example comes from a student who chose to explore the topic of "Storytelling." She delivered a captivating presentation centered around the Disneyland experience, using it as a prime example of storytelling's impact. Her innovative approach involved an engaging twist: at the start of her presentation, she asked her audience to pay close attention to her slides because there would be a fun game at the end, with a prize for the winner. This creative tactic not only held her audience's attention but also demonstrated her mastery of effective presentation and communication skills.

Furthermore, she introduced a dynamic tool called Kahoot! into her pitch, showcasing her willingness to experiment with new technologies. What's most impressive is that she achieved all this without extensive prior experience, proving that you don't need to be a seasoned professional to create something remarkable. Students began to realize that they possessed the potential to create something extraordinary right from the outset of their journey.

In conclusion, our "Pitching Time" sessions have yielded remarkable results. Every presentation uncovers new skills and insights, transforming a mere 10-20 minutes into invaluable lessons. As a UX designer, embracing creativity and storytelling early on can be the key to unlocking your full potential.

So, if you're embarking on this journey, remember that the first steps are where the seeds of brilliance are often sown.

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