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I'm Vahagn, a UI/UX
Think like everyone
designer, Founder
Think Like No One
and Mentor.
Teach it all

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I love to create


I have been able to transfer knowledge to people in an understandable manner since I was a kid. Over time I decided to use that talent, and today I have already taught more than 200 students, many of which are working in leading companies in their fields. You can read the opinions of many of them on my LinkedIn page.


I like to write, to create. I have published two books and going to publish two more in near future.

Own Products

Working on a variety of products, one fine day I decided to use my knowledge to create my own products. Fortunately, I have never lacked good ideas.

my roles

Team Lead
Digitain LLC
(2019 - 2021)
Product Designer
(2021 - 2022)
UI/UX Designer
Instigate Mobile
(2022 - Present)
Co-Founder & CEO
(2022 - Present)

MY Portfolio

Design & Product
Design & Product

MY IDF Certification

My Recommendations

Lusine Danukhyan
Talent Development Team Coordinator at Digitain

Vahagn is an out-of-box thinker: always full of innovative and creative ideas. No matter the topic, he manages to come up with brilliantly smart and targeted ideas that are the exact perfect solutions for current projects and audience moods. Qualities and skills that best describe him are time management (always meets the deadline), loyalty, teamwork and flexibility. He is the positive creativity everyone needs in their teams.

Mery Stephanyan
UI/UX Designer and Team Lead at Digitain

Vahagn is a great mentor to me! During these years, I have the pleasure of working on the same project, and he leads by example. He always keeps the team motivated and shares knowledge. I believe he is one of the best managers I’ve ever had. He is very creative and innovative with his design concepts and always has new and fresh ideas.

The rest you will find in Linkedin



Speaker and mentor

Let's do some cool things TOGETHER
We are for creation, I try to bring a part of my creativity in industry development