If I Were an Irobot Competitor

Sep 1, 2023

This time, I’d like to discuss a remarkable company called iRobot. And today we will go through the company’s product, T.R.E.A.T., in further detail.

This time, I’d like to discuss a remarkable company called iRobot. And today we will go through the company’s product, T.R.E.A.T., in further detail.IRobot is best known for developing robot vacuum cleaners, and this time the business has developed a vacuum cleaner that, in their opinion, will make dogs and robot vacuum cleaners friends.
In this article, I won’t elaborate on what I would do if I were in charge of this product’s advertising campaign. Instead, this time I’ll describe what I would do if I were a member of one of iRobot’s rival teams.To begin, let’s fix:

Many dogs just cannot coexist with vacuum cleaners, particularly when the vacuum cleaners are doing the work.Nevertheless, many dogs have a very positive relationship with vacuum cleaners.There are also others who are indifferent.

The new iRobot device was designed specifically for the first kind of dog. According to the product’s website, the company has added a new feature to its new robot vacuum cleaner that enables the vacuum cleaner to feed the dog while it cleans, putting an end to the long-running conflict between dogs and vacuum cleaners. Instead of being something scary, the vacuum cleaner will now become a dog’s hero.

Following all of this, as a dog owner who also uses a vacuum cleaner, the question of whether I want the vacuum cleaner to become my dog’s hero arises. And this is only one of many concerns; others include whether my dog will eat the food from the vacuum cleaner’s “hands,” whether the vacuum cleaner won’t pick the food up again, whether this action won’t make the house dirtier, and, lastly, whether I won’t lose my position as my dog’s leader if the vacuum cleaner truly succeeds in winning his admiration.Furthermore, I was curious about what other people thought of this idea. And after researching, I found people who were extremely satisfied with this product and, as they stated, would like to try it, but there were also people who were confused by this product and did not understand why they should spend more money for such a service.

As someone who managed to get my dog to coexist peacefully with the vacuum cleaner, I can confidently state that I will not use that device, but to be fair, I buy a lot of items that I don’t actually need. That is why I am certain that I will use the product, possibly a lot. But let us not forget why we gathered. In my opinion, the introduction of this device will not harm iRobot as much as it will benefit its competitors. If I were a marketer for a competitor company, I would not give up this wonderful opportunity to be creative.


Option N1:

“While someone is handling dog problems, we are fighting dust.”

In this version, a photo of an iRobot robot attempting to befriend a dog while a robot from a competing company is engaged in a house dust battle could be used.

Option N2:

“Our vacuum cleaner will only replace you in cleaning.”

This text, written in the brand color, is all that is necessary; no other images are required.Indeed, it is reasonable and even necessary to take action to make dogs and vacuum cleaners friendly, but there are alternative ways of doing so.

For example:

Provide a section specifically for dog owners in the product’s introduction page, and note that during the first use, everything can be done to reduce the dog’s fear of the vacuum cleaner as much as possible. And discuss several new games that can be played so that the dog won’t discover how the vacuum drags dog hair first.

And write, “Too affordable toy for the owner, too expensive toy for the pet.” to advertise all that.

That’s all for today. Write a personal letter if you need more ideas.