How I used the New Year's mood for creative advertising

Jan 3, 2024

Learn how one creative pro used emotion and AI to make an unforgettable New Year's advertising campaign for 'Luse Namak,' merging tradition and technology.

How I used the New Year's mood for creative advertising


In the realm of advertising, the quest for a campaign that resonates deeply with its audience is both challenging and exhilarating. As an independent creative professional, I recently embarked on a journey with “Luse Namak”, known for their heartfelt gifts and personalized letters for families. This venture was not just about creating an ad; it was about telling a story that echoed the sentiments of expectant parents and families during the New Year.

Personalization is the heartbeat of “Luse Namak”. Their gifts and letters aren't mere products; they're carriers of emotion, tailored to the stories and dreams of each family. This unique aspect was my canvas – to paint a picture that reflected the depth and personal touch of these letters.

"Not Only Santa Claus is Waiting for a Letter" – The Campaign Idea

The campaign, titled "Not Only Santa Claus is Waiting for a Letter," was conceptualized to intertwine the tradition of writing letters to Santa with a more personal narrative. The idea was to remind parents and soon-to-be parents that their emotions and hopes for their children are as important and magical as the age-old tradition of penning wishes to Santa Claus.

The Creative Process Unveiled

The creation of this campaign was a journey in itself. It began with understanding the core values of “Luse Namak” and the emotional landscape of their customers. Sketching out the initial ideas, I aimed to strike a balance between the festivity of the New Year and the intimate, heartfelt connections families share.

Numerous brainstorming sessions later, the concept started taking shape. The key was to keep the message simple yet profound, relatable yet unique. I focused on the imagery of envelopes – symbols of messages, wishes, and dreams – each holding untold stories of love and anticipation.

Technological Integration: AI in the Picture

In an innovative twist, I decided to incorporate artificial intelligence in creating the campaign's visual elements. This not only added a modern touch to the campaign but also showcased the blend of technology and human emotion.


As I reflect on the journey of creating "Not Only Santa Claus is Waiting for a Letter" for “Luse Namak”, the experience stands out as a hallmark in my career as a creative professional. This campaign was more than just a successful marketing strategy; it was a testament to the power of storytelling in advertising and the profound impact it can have.

The process of developing this campaign was a delicate balancing act, melding the joyous spirit of the New Year with the deeply personal experiences of parenthood. Through each stage, from conceptualization to execution, the focus remained steadfast on capturing the essence of emotional storytelling. The use of artificial intelligence in crafting the visual components not only added a modern flair but also underscored the harmonious blend of technology and creativity.

This project has also been a significant learning curve for me. It has sharpened my skills in empathetic storytelling, design, and innovative use of technology in advertising. It has taught me the importance of understanding and connecting with the audience's emotions and aspirations.

In closing, "Not Only Santa Claus is Waiting for a Letter" was not just a campaign; it was a narrative that weaved into the lives of its audience, creating a lasting impression. It stands as a reminder of the unique power of advertising to touch hearts and bring stories to life. As I move forward in my career, this experience will serve as a guiding light, inspiring me to continue creating work that not only captures attention but also captivates the heart.